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Food For Thought: 2-27-09

Ate both meals at diners today, so this should be interesting. On top of cleaning out the fridge this week, I've had an overly-typical (for me) Southern diet!

Lunch (The Lighthouse)
1 c. cucumber salad (25)
1 c. scalloped tomatoes (160)
4 oz. chicken livers (194)
Chocolate pie (301)

Supper (IHOP)
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, peppers, scallions, tomatoes +
2 buttermilk pancakes (463)
Syrup (100)
Butter (80)

4 cups coffee (40)
3 glasses iced tea (20)

Total calories: 1333

-No water. Need to work on that.
-Next time I'm at The Lighthouse, I'm getting the pineapple pie.
-I'm noticing a trend here: My caloric intake seems to hover in the 1300-1350 range. I just calculated my maintenance intake and it's 2116. That's a 766 calorie per day deficit. Interesting.
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