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Food For Thought: 2-25-09

The Lenten season is associated with discipline. I've decided to keep a food journal for Lent. I tried this last spring and after one day, I wound up in the hospital with pancreatitis. Should be fun.

I didn't decide to do this until last night, so yesterday's diet was completely haphazard. That's OK, since I'm really doing this for observational purposes, anyway. Here's what I ate (I'll add up the calories later):

1.5 c. mashed potatoes/gravy (180cal)
1 buttermilk biscuit (180)
8 blackberries (31)

Beef tips & rice (1 c. rice, 3 oz. beef) (320)
I c. green beans (36)
Small whole wheat roll (70)
4 oz. blackberry cobbler (240)

Handful of Nilla Wafers (280)

2 glasses iced tea (0)
2 cups coffee (0)

Total calories: 1337

I think I need to drink more. My kidneys would probably thank me.
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