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Holiday Haze

Whew! This has been a crazy week. We have been to five Christmas parties/dinners/shindigs since last Saturday (all of which were lovely) and we're getting ready to embark on 10 days of family gatherings and multi-state travels.

Wisely, we did not host a holiday party this year with all that we've had going on. What this means is that my own seasonal decorating has suffered; it seems to manifest itself less and less each year, but hosting some sort of gathering is usually incentive for me to get it all done! So, despite my proclamation that I was going to attack that project with gusto post-Thanksgiving, well... let's just say I'm not quite there yet. My Christmas tree is still sitting--unadorned, save for the lights--on some newspaper in the corner of the living room. The stockings are hung (from one mantel, anyway), the window candles are lit (only downstairs, so far) and the wreaths wreath is hanging outside the front door. I'm still searching for some more monofilament.

Don't ask about the Christmas cards.

A few of my favorite decorations have managed to find counter- or tabletop space from which to preside over the chaos: the kitchen Christmas tree looks cute as ever on the island, decorated with miniature glass fruits and veggies; some of the nutcrackers have taken up residence on the stairs; and I caught drmellow spinning the Weihnachtspyramide last night, chanting, "Run, Mary, run! Joseph's gonna get you!"

There's still more I'd like to do, but if it doesn't get done, that's also OK. We've spent evenings with friends, time with neighbors, played carols at church and community functions, and have even finished shopping for our families. But had we not done any of that, the holidays would still be worth looking forward to. I am always humbled by the sense of peace that descends upon the world at Christmastime, reminding me of the peace embodied in that tiny child on the very first Christmas Eve.
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