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Easter Hymn

This year marked my 24th (I think) year of playing in the Moravian Easter Sunrise Service band, a 236-year old tradition in Old Salem, NC. The weather was pleasant and mild during rounds last night, though it began to get chilly around 4am. It felt good to warm up to ham & eggs, biscuits and Lovefeast coffee during the Band Breakfast--despite being seated in a bit of a wind tunnel (in the path of the AC) this year--and I ran into a few friends from summer camp, as well as some folks from my home church in Raleigh. By the time all 307 band members assembled on the graveyard for the start of the service, it was about 37 degrees, but it was clear (no snow flurries) and we were graced with a true and spectacular sunrise, coinciding perfectly with "Sing Hallelujah, Praise The Lord".

To everyone on my Friends List, happy Easter. I leave you with the words to one of my favorite hymns:

The Saviour's blood and righteousness
My beauty is, my glorious dress;
Thus well-arrayed, I need not fear,
When in His presence I appear.

The holy, spotless Lamb of God,
Who freely gave His life and blood
For all my numerous sins to atone,
I for my Lord and Saviour own.

Therefore my Saviour's blood and death
Are here the substance of my faith;
And shall remain, when I'm called hence,
My only hope and confidence.

Lord Jesus Christ, all praise to Thee,
That Thou didst deign a man to be,
And for each soul which Thou hast made
Hast an eternal ransom paid.

Thy incarnation, wounds and death
I will confess while I have breath,
Till I shall see Thee face ot face
Array-ed with Thy righteousness.

--Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1739)



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