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My Car Eats Things

A couple of months ago, one of my rings fell off my finger while I was shifting gears. Did it fall into the cup holder, where it would be easy to retrieve? No, it fell down between the console and the passenger's seat, into that crevice where human hands cannot reach. Later, once armed with the proper tools, I went to fish it out. Have I ever found that ring? No, of course not. It hasn't surfaced yet.

Saturday, on the way to the wedding, I decided to take off the necklace I was wearing. I unfastened the clasp and the pendant (which had shifted around to the back) slid down my back, between my dress and overcoat. We got to the church and I was careful getting out of the car, so as not to lose it in the parking lot. I heard it fall and drop between the passenger's seat and the inside of the door. Wanting to make sure it was inside the car, I peered under the seat and saw it lying there, too far back to reach. No problem. I would reposition the seat later and get it.

Today, after coming home from the dentist (and attired in more appropriate clothing), I moved the seat forward to reclaim the pendant. The pendant wasn't there. The penny, the two Nandina berries and the glass fragments from the previously broken window (all of which I saw on Saturday) were still there, but no pendant. I pulled out the floormats, moved the seat back and forth about 20 times, and felt all around the seat-moving mechanism, but no pendant. I spent 30 minutes crawling around the front and rear floorboards looking for the thing to no avail. And it's not a small item, either.

I swear my car has an appetite for jewelry.



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