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Squeeze My Lemon, Darlin'

Off the hook. No one was at the church when I stopped by at lunchtime, so I got out of that pretty easy. I picked drmellow up from work and we went out for lunch, instead. I imagine we will wind up cancelling group therapy guitar group tonight (everything's getting icy now), since only Lynda and I are in town this week... When we catch up with each other later, maybe I'll just invite her over for Guitar Hero!

It's been nice having the morning and afternoon to myself. I was in the mood to turn some music up--for some reason I've been in a U2/Led Zeppelin mood the last few days--and it's given me a chance to tackle some small projects around the house. For example, I pulled all the old nails out of my kitchen window facings this morning while having my coffee and danish. Recently, I took down a horrid floral arrangement tangle of fake plants that had been nailed, of all things, above the kitchen sink by the previous homeowners. This was not an easy task. Of course, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the thing was nailed up there; these are the same people that Scotch-taped lace curtains up all over the house. I had the hammer out, so after I'd finished that, I decided to finally hang the kitchen artwork/shortbread molds that have been propped in the windowsill for two years.

Also, I decided it was time to put some more Christmas decorations away. (But I'm still enjoying the tree.) It would be nice to move all the furniture back into place, but the rugs I ordered should be here in another week or so. I don't feel like doing it twice. Maybe I'll get the drill out and mount the shelf I finished for the kitchen after a while. Then I could sit some more stuff out of the way in there.

And maybe after a little while longer, I'll be adventurous and convert a guitar to open 'E' tuning. I want to explore my slide potential.



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