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Pesky Pimientos? No Problem.

Yesterday, my marvelous aunt_toad came over to teach me how to make Pimiento Cheese. Specifically, her very own, very awesome Pimiento Cheese. When she arrived it was almost lunchtime, so we organized our ingredients and then met the Doctor for lunch at LongHorn, so he could perform his "mystery shop". Afterward, we ran a few errands and happened in upon the coolest cake bakery ever, my new favorite spot in town. We had two (humongously) luscious pieces of Lemon Layer cake (the lemon curd filling tasted just like my own!) and Brown Stone Front cake while enjoying some coffee, and I brought home some Pink Lemonade and Coconut Confection cupcakes for drmellow. Well, OK. The coconut cupcakes were for me.

We finally returned to the kitchen to embark on our Pimiento Cheese quest, but lo! We were thwarted by the pesky pimiento container lids. We tugged. We twisted. We tugged while the other twisted. We resorted to the jar opener. No dice. We banged them on the counter. We soaked them in warm water. We soaked them in cold water. Still stuck.

Out of suitable kitchen gadgetry, I made a trip to the basement workbench to get the RoboGrips, but upon locating them, discovered that even the largest pair wasn't large enough. Not to be outdone by three pesky jars of peppers, I returned with the end-all solution to every jar-opening problem:

The pipe wrench.
The pipe wrench.

Needless to say, I won the battle. And now we have a fridge full of Pimiento Cheese.


Jan. 16th, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
I concur. Pimiento cheese rocks. Don't be too sad, though. It may be plentiful around here, but all pimiento cheese is not created equal. I like thick, chunky, cheesy pimiento cheese--not the neon-orange mayonnaise-y goop found on most grocery store shelves. Unless it's from The Fresh Market. They make a mean, meaty jalapeno pimiento cheese that's to diiiiie for. Mmmm!


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