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The Grocery List Game

In an effort to use even more out of the larder this year, I'm going to track my overall grocery purchases again. (And attempt to keep them to a minimum.) I did well with that last year until I threw a baby shower in May; I wound up with a 4-foot long ticket from Costco and never bothered to sort out the items intended for personal use. Things kind of flew out the window after that.

Tonight marked my first visit to the grocery of the new year; I was only after milk and cheese, but since drmellow has been having a rough week at work, I couldn't resist getting Capri-Sun and microwave popcorn (totally gratuitous items, but both BOGO free) to help cheer him up. So tonight's ticket wound up looking like this:


Now, if you actually read this far (I'm sorry), you might be thinking, 'How did all of that add up to $35? Just how much Capri-Sun did she buy?' The answer is, not that much. But I can't resist cheese. I only really needed the white cheddar for a dish Dr. M requested, but I also left with some Wensleydale with cranberries and Gourmandise with walnuts. Since the cheese accounted for half the bill, I thought it bore special mention. OK, justification. But, hey! I have lunch for the rest of the week.

Yeah, I can already tell that if I want to get through the stuff we have on hand, I'm going to have to do better than this. :P
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