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Christmas Recap

I see that it's been over a month since I last posted to LJ. That's a good hint as to how busy we've been lately--including traveling non-stop since December 14th. Having spent time in Raleigh, Greenville, coastal NC, Darlington, SC and Atlanta, we could have made our own tour t-shirts this season! We had lots of fun visiting family and friends over the holidays and a fantastic Christmas, but it feels good to finally be back home. Now begins the annual challenge of figuring out how to integrate our "holiday acquisitions" into our already packed house. But it's a fine and wonderful project to have.

After tallying the Christmas contributions to my "carpet fund" and realizing I had at last reached my target, I made a long-awaited pilgrimage to Eden this week in search of the perfect living room rug. I came up with two good possibilities, and (unexpectedly) found a rug for the office and the foyer. I'm still undecided on the living room, so weigh in if you like (click pics for larger versions). Right now, I think the Doctor and I are going to stretch out on one possibility and test our Italian by watching Rigoletto.

Afshan Empress Kirman

Empress Kirman

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