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I was poking around in our cavernous kitchen cabinets this morning (I really need to construct some shelves under there; two of the cabinets are big enough that I could camp in them) and, behold! What did I find? My long-lost stovetop espresso maker. (It's only really been "lost" since we moved.)

It was a fine, chilly November morning and I just happened to have a can of illy™ Fine Grind Medium Roast on hand, so I fired up the stove and started packing in the grounds. That's when I realized that I couldn't remember if this maker had a tamping disc that went on top of the coffee. (Every couple of years, my parents update to a design they like better, so I've been the lucky recipient of several nice espresso makers in my lifetime. I hand off old coffee grinders to my brother, so that evens out the kitchen karma, I suppose.) :D

Back to the disc. Couldn't remember if this pot had one and there hasn't been a mysterious circle of metal floating around the kitchen, so I called my Dad to see if he knew. He thought he remembered it having one, so I spent about 30 minutes scrounging through the kitchen drawers, after which I finally gave up and just decided to make the coffee. It turned out fine so--enh--maybe there wasn't a disc to start with. It does have a suspicious rim around the inside of the funnel that a disc could rest on, though.

Anyway, now I have a good reason to dig out some demitasse cups. If I could only find the kitchen shears...!

It occurs to me at this point that this entry was really about pretty much nothing. If you read this far... yeah, I don't really have words for that.


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