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Monday To-Do List

Yeah, I should have done all this over the weekend, but instead I decided to concentrate on getting well. It seems to be working, and I seem to have passed on my sickness to the Doctor. Poor baby.

-Finish BSF homework
-Fill out and mail financial report for Auxiliary
-Lesson plan for tutoring

In retrospect, I actually did accomplish a few things these past few days. I proofread (played through), edited and printed a folder of camp songs for a friend, wrote a new article for the church newsletter advertising the Fall Festival, finished putting together my bulletin board, helped teach Sunday School this morning (science experiments!), went to the TL kickoff luncheon, sorted through piles of mail, caught up on some housework, did some sweater-shopping and started decorating for fall. In this process, I decided that I should always go clothes shopping when I'm sick. I'm less patient and more conservative in granting outfits my approval. So, if I think something looks great when I feel like crap, how happy I'll be with it when I'm well!

I also bought a table for the upstairs hall and decorated it for the season. (I love pumpkins.) With rugs and furniture up there now, it seems much more like a room than a big, useless space at the top of the stairs. If I can just settle on what to hang on the walls and replace the light fixture, we'll be set. I've pretty much decided on this fixture (props to my ancestors for design inspiration), but I can't decide whether to put it in the stairwell or move the chandelier from the foyer to the pantry and put it in the front hall. I'm also digging this one (the star pattern); it matches my favorite cordial glasses. Maybe I'm not decided, after all. Maybe I can manage to incorporate them both.

Time for that chai.
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