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Whirlwind Update

I'm such a slacker when it comes to journaling. When I get busy, instead of taking time to actually write about the interesting things I do, my entries degenerate into the (sporadic) banalities of my everyday existence--the "luncheon meat" of my life, if you will.

I've been avoiding any entries I intend to post that have photos associated with them because my iPhoto libraries are in transition (read: "a wreck") at the moment:

-Washington, DC
-our hiking expedition to Roxboro
-the baby shower I threw & the related shower I attended
-some geocaching adventures (including Geowoodstock)
-the birth of two friends' babies
-my Women's Retreat/Waterfall expedition
-our trip to see the Articles of Secession
-other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting

And there's stuff I just plain want to write about, but when I find I have the time, I'm just not inspired to do it. Camp, some church stuff, general family stuff and my ESL experiences will just have to wait. I did manage to make out my Christmas list yesterday, so at least I'm ahead of the game on that. Right now, I need to type up the minutes from the HOA General Meeting (from last September!) for Thursday's meeting, and then I will be almost finished with my HOA responsibilities for good. Woohoo!
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