The Inimitable Miss M (yarbiedoll) wrote,
The Inimitable Miss M

Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves!

There's nothing like some Beastie Boys on a fine summer's day.

While I work on my website, I'm working hard to help our cassette collection into the 21st century. I have finally procured the digital version of "Ill Communication" and it is importing as I type. (I'm not sure either one of us actually had that particular BB album on cassette, but whatever.) It was, however, a pivotal event when we stumbled across "License To Ill" on CD and were finally able to load it into iTunes awhile back.

I have reclaimed part of my childhood this afternoon.

I'm like a lemon to a lime. A lime to a lemon. Sippin' def ale with all the fine women..." - Mike D
Tags: music
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