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Dr. Mellow: [from sofa] I want cookies.

[long pause]

Dr. Mellow: Cookies.

Me: [from adjacent room] Where are all the cookies you bought the other day?

Dr. Mellow: I left them at the beach.

Me: Well, then... [probable eye-roll]


Dr. Mellow: Cookies.

Me: OK, fine. I need to get some milk. Would you like to come with me to the store and get some cookies?

Dr. Mellow: No.


Dr. Mellow: I want you to get me some cookies.

Me: [definite eye-roll]


Me: You're sure you don't want to come with me and pick them out.

Dr. Mellow: Yes.

Me: You trust me to pick out cookies. [begins to wonder if anyone makes coconut-avocado cookies...]

[long pause]

Me: [walks into living room, ready to go]

Dr. Mellow: [hopeful] You're going to get me cookies? You don't have to.

Me: I need to get milk. It would be dumb to not get cookies while I'm at the cookie store.

Dr. Mellow: Yaaaaaaay!

Me: What kind of cookies do you want?

Dr. Mellow: Whatever.

Me: Why don't you just come with me and pick them out yourself? It'll be fun.

Dr. Mellow: I can't.

Me: Why not?

Dr. Mellow: I don't think they'll let me in.

Me: [puzzled] Why not?

Dr. Mellow: [sheepishly, from under blanket] I'm in my underwear.

Me: [looks around, confused] What happened to your pants?!?
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