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My Week In Music

Saturday: After departing camp and geocaching our way through North Wilkesboro, G and I stopped in Greensboro long enough to rendezvous with our friend, beeler, who joined the trek to Raleigh for the Allman Brothers concert Saturday night. Upon arriving at Walnut Creek, Beeler and I chilled on the lawn, dodged beach balls and listened to J.J. Grey & MOFRO (awesome) and Drive By Truckers (okay) while G wandered around and entered contests. Highlights of the evening included the random lady on the lawn confiding to Beeler what a pretty smile I had, and the beer that got thrown in my face when the people in front of us got into a fight after we'd moved to our seats. Sticky contacts=blegh. More commentary on the concert later. Yay for Waffle Casa on the way home. A little late-night grease makes all concert-going experiences complete.

Sunday: Despite our late night early morning, I dragged myself out of bed and made it to First Moravian for August 13th communion. Later, I hit Mt. Pisgah for the Ice Cream Supper. Everyone wanted to know where my lemon ice cream was (which I didn't have time to make this year). It always feels good to be missed.

Monday: Did I sleep all day? I wouldn't be surprised. I was tired after camp.

Tuesday: Attended clandestine, invitation-only meeting for potential Praise & Worship band at an anonymous church in town. I would love to be part of this venture--it's something I've always wanted to do--only it would conflict with my ability to attend services at First Moravian on Sunday mornings. Aargh. Agreed to go on reconnaissance mission to local megachurch to scout out songs, ideas in near future. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Wednesday: Bought a guitar stand at lunch--a snazzy one with a locking neck guard. Clearly the best move I've ever made. Years of music lessons engrained one cardinal rule in my brain: We do not leave expensive instruments lying around on sofas, tables, chairs or propped against walls, for them to fall over. We put them back in their cases when not in use. For months I've been telling myself that I'd practice more often if my guitar were more accessible, instead of shut in its case all the time. I was right. My guitar repertoire has quintupled in the past 3 days. I've even been busy transcribing some camp songs (in alternative keys, no doubt). It's nice to be inspired.

Thursday: Spent the afternoon searching for Moravian camp songs in the Methodist youth songbook while I did my monthly tour of duty in the church office at Mt. Pisgah. Had a nice pow-wow with the youth director and compared camp stories. Fun times. Agreed to do dramatic solo reenactment of scripture at next Sunday's contemporary worship, then remembered it was the Sunday I'd promised to do P&W recon work at Westover. Eep! Almost blew my cover.

Friday: Met feiheli in Winston for dinner (Ichiban) and a movie ("No Reservations"). Sushi and chick flicks, yo. The theatre started playing "Transformers" by accident, so we got to watch part of that, too. "No Reservations" was, thankfully, not a sappy, predictable romantic comedy. Okay, it was sort of predictable, but it was temepered with an appropriate amount of tragedy and realism. Much easier to palate (but probably still a good idea I went to see it with one of my girlfriends). I love Catherine Zeta-Jones. Guys with gigantic chin craters dimples, well... even Aaron Eckhart grew on me after a little bit. I have an irrational fear of the chin dimple--of being devoured by it, or something. It's probably why I prefer guys with a little bit of a beard; it's like a built-in safety feature. And that's probably more than anyone reading my journal ever wanted to know about my taste in men. Next topic.

The movie had a good soundtrack. Think I'll write about that in a separate entry.


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