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Weekend Update

Friday night, ccohoon and olga_ukraine stopped to visit on their way to Florida for the week. We grilled some steaks, had some wine and cake (to celebrate ccohoon's birthday), then played Guitar Hero into the wee hours. It should be noted that I heartily crushed everyone, though ccohoon caught on fast. Then we all got up at 5:30 for an early send-off breakfast, and they were on their way. It was lots of fun to see them; I hope we get to hang out for longer sometime soon.

Saturday, I decided to take advantage of the free EMF (Eastern Music Festival) tickets I won at last weekend's Bruce Hornsby concert and invited feiheli to join me for Tish Hinojosa's performance at Triad Stage. As luck would have it, drmellow won tickets, too, but he decided to opt out of the show and just join us for supper beforehand. After a tasty bite at Natty Greene's and--we all agreed--the best artichoke dip ever, feiheli and I enjoyed window-shopping at several of the new galleries and shops on our walk down the street to the theatre. It was the first time I had been in the Triad Stage building, and I am in favor of their multi-level, sort of theatre-in-the-rectangle stadium layout. It's an intimate, acoustically-friendly space.

As an artist I only recently encountered, I was pleasantly surprised (ok, astounded) by Tish's performance; she is definitely one to see play live. I've since sought out a few of her CDs and though they're good, they just don't convey the warmth and passion of her voice that I enjoyed so much when seeing her on stage. Her performance was about half-and-half English and Spanish, with several of the Spanish numbers being my favorites; she has such an interesting sort of Mexican-Border-Music-meets-Indigo-Girls kind of sound. Her lives in Texas, New Mexico and Nashville (she enjoyed a stint as a country singer for a while) have all influenced her style, and she's a brilliant lyricist/songwriter. She had awesome back-up musicians--a very animated Japanese bassist and an extremely accomplished mandolin/guitar player, Marvin Dykhuis. I think The Doctor and beeler would have really enjoyed her, too.

Sunday, I lazed around a bit, caught up on some computer work, and finished cleaning the house in anticipation of yesterday's quarterly pest control visit.
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