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Monday Morning Rant

Pardon me, while I scream.

Last night, I sent out subscription verification emails to the 50 or so people who did not sign up on their own for my announcement list. Here's what I sent out:

Greetings, Ladies!

We may be basking in the heat of summer, but fall is fast approaching--and that means the Fall Retreat is just around the corner! Many people have been working hard to organize this spectacular event and we want to make sure you don't miss out on any important retreat-related information.

When you turned in your retreat registration form, you provided us with your email address. Please take a moment to click on the link below and verify that your email, [their email], is subscribed to our announcement list, [listname].

If you do not click on the link below, your subscription to the list will not be confirmed and you will receive no further emails from [listname].

To confirm your subscription to this list, visit this URL now:


Thanks, and we'll be in touch soon!

~The 2007 Fall Retreat Committee

The [listname] will only be used to communicate information regarding the Fall Retreat and your email address will not be shared with any other party. If you do not wish to subscribe to this list, do nothing and ignore this request.

Silly me; I thought I would log on this morning and see where a handful of people had successfully subscribed to my list. Oh, a handful had subscribed, all right.

And I also had an inbox full of messages to my "info@..." address (not even replies to the "announcements@..." address) saying things like, "I received the email and am planning on going [to the event]" or, "This is my email address: ...".

Click the link, people! How hard is it? I know you're going to the event; I just told you I got your info off your registration form. I know what your email address is; that's how I sent you a friggin' email in the first place!

Was there something terribly ambiguous about my instructions? I tried so hard to be clear...

I'm losing faith in humankind. At least in their ability to use computers, anyway.

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