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Brief Week/Weekend Recap

Saturday-Wednesday: In Raleigh to avail myself of my wonderful mother's offer to help make draperies while she's "on vacation" in North Carolina. Frequent eating out (due to lack of food in refrigerator) results in international smorgasbord of leftovers: Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and nearly Indian, until my brother vehemently vetoed that idea. Returned to Greensboro Wednesday night.

Thursday: Mom comes to Greensboro to help hang window treatments. Inability to locate the kind of reeded rods I'm looking for in either city results in the hanging of draperies in the bedroom, but only the sheers in the music room, until I find suitable rods. Might have to custom stain my own. tldz and chi_petrel arrive Thursday evening for the weekend. We all partake of milkshakes from CookOut.

Friday: Met up with tldz, chi_petrel and friends for lunch at San Luis. Had tasty tostada de ceviche and, in a fit of bravado, a Corona chelada (beer with spices, clam and tomato juice)--much to drmellow's chagrin. Mmm. Stopped at Sears to look at drapery hardware after lunch and wound up buying cute, summer clothes. (Hey, everything was on sale.) Met some folks at church for game night (Apples to Apples) and introduced a select crowd to Bohnanza!. Ceased game playing about 10:45 and headed to Barnes & Noble for Harry Potter book release. Met up with some of drmellow's co-workers and snacked on free sandwiches from one of the local radio stations with about 1000 of our closest friends. Thanks to one of the co-workers, we didn't have to wait for our wave of armbands to be called, as he was in the second group and bought a copy for us. We were home by 12:45am.

Saturday: Too tired to drive to Maryland for a baby shower, I opted to to stay in Greensboro so the Doctor and I could fight over whose turn it was to read Deathly Hallows. Later, we were treated to a magnificent dinner at Bianca's by our visiting houseguests.

Sunday: First church, then I convinced drmellow to come to Sears with me so I could exchange a few items and he could look for shorts, etc. for himself before we head off to camp next week. He found a bunch of running shirts, so it was all good. We hit Jason's for lunch, then walked over to REI, where he found more running stuff and I bought another shirt--diplomatically leaving behind a hat (that I may have to go back and get). Edit: Later in the evening, we attended Bruce Hornsby's solo "recital" at Guilford College, as part of the Eastern Music Festival. Another great performance--I always enjoy hearing him live.

In all, a busy week. Tonight, we're meeting up with drjekyll and beefhyde for the Warthogs game in Winston; Greg's cousin is in town with the Lynchburg HillCats and has left us free tickets.


Jul. 24th, 2007 02:31 am (UTC)
Yep, I hadn't been in Sears (apart from the Tool Department) in years. Half of the stuff I bought was Lands' End. It was awesome. And cheap!


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