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Feeling Better

I've been sick. Well, mildly sick--just enough to be annoying--since this past weekend. Mainly a persnickety stomach and a constant headache. I've felt the worst when lying down, so I've been going to bed late (like 2 or 3am) and getting up early (between 5 and 6am), but the lack of sleep and headache and general busy-ness of the past several evenings have left me in need of frequent naps. Like the one I just woke up from.

Aspirin and pain relievers and Pepto and Zantac have had no effect on me, but some Contac finally did--I guess it could have all been sinus related, but those sure weren't my normal symptoms. Anyway, I'm glad to be feeling mostly better, if a little tired.

Last night's Spanish class was good; there were only two of us--the French-speakers. We've been picking things up much faster than everyone else, so our instructor agreed to abandon any lesson plans she had and cut right to the chase: we've been begging for several weeks for a lesson on the finer points of "para" versus "por". We also covered the "personal 'a'"--so helpful, because there's no rule like that in French and I was having a heck of a time trying to make sense of the usage on my own.

My understanding increased by leaps and bounds in that single class period--by the end, we were both translating lengthy passages of text in past, present and future tenses with very few mistakes. I did come to the conclusion that Spanish irregular verbs are a lot more 'irregular' than French irregular verbs, though many of them are the same verbs. I wonder if it's just because a lot of the French irregulars are just second nature to me now, but by the end of class, my head was swirling with crazy conjugations. Perhaps I'll make some flashcards to carry around with me. Next week my French buddy will be out of town, so it will probably just be me. A 2.5-hour private tutoring session! Sweet.



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