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Death Gods Only Eat Apples

Friday evening, the Doctor and I headed to Raleigh to visit with my brother, throw down the Guitar Hero gauntlet and eat $30 steaks. We were successful in all three endeavors. I took everyone to school (the 'School of Rock', that is), and deathsled took us to Prime Only, the steakhouse around the corner where his badge gets him a discount on the second Friday of every month. There we indulged in the fabled filet mignon; my father likes to regale us with stories about their steaks ("...and I asked the waiter if he was going to be bringing out steak knives and he replied, 'No! Our steaks are so tender that you don't even need a steak knife'..."). It's all in the telling. You really have to be there.

Saturday, I dropped the Doctor off to go geocaching with some friends and Stephen and I watched some more 'Death Note'--a sort of psychological thriller-type anime series he had been waiting to show me. I don't care much for anime, but the psychological bent to this show intrigued me. I've seen the first 10 episodes, but I've still got some catching up to do; looks like they're on Episode 34.

Next, we worked on his mountain bike--put some air in the tires and readjusted the seat. After riding a larger-framed bike over Memorial Day weekend, he decided his is actually too small, so since it happens to fit me, I've got a new bike. Which is sweet. I need to get some new tubes and I'll be ready to hit the trails. As I was wheeling around the cul-de-sac I tried to remember: When was the last time I rode a bike? Possibly in college, if I borrowed one. Other than that, it was probably junior high. I used to ride to the club during the summer, but after we got a golf cart (and I painted it with zebra stripes) I drove that everyday. Man, those were the days--swimming and tennis from morning 'til night. I thought summer would never end.

Finally, we took the convertible for a spin up to Cozumel, our fave Mexican restaurant (which I hadn't been to in probably 6 or 7 years) and chowed down on the chiles rellenos. They just don't get any better.

Upon returning home, we spent some time trying to figure out how to put 'Death Note' on my iPod, but with little success--the subtitles were microscopic. But I did figure out Super and VisualHub in the process.

And then I drove back to Greensboro, with a quick stop at HomeGoods, where I discovered some pieces in my Villeroy & Boch pattern at 1/6 of retail price. I'm now the proud owner of 6 new salad plates and a sugar dish, further proof that I turned into my mother a long time ago without realizing it.

And now I'm tired. I'm hoping that some tea or coffee or chocolate or some cobination of the three will perk me up. I have a few things I want to do around the house this afternoon.



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