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Constant Gardening

I decided to go on a little recon mission after lunch today; my destination was the local nursery. Holy Moly, I could spend a fortune there. Why are there so many incredible varieties of plants in this world? I love them all! (Well, maybe not the poison ones.) I went looking for a few specific things and to my surprise, they had most of them--even some of the more obscure Digitalis hybrids I was stalking (ouch). The fern collection alone...*drool*. Last time I was at Home Depot, their ferns all had sunburn. Local nurseries put chain store "garden centers" to shame. Ai-yuh, as my Chinese friends would say.

My gardening for the day was cut short by the Youth Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show at church this evening, and rain (though it came with a rainbow). I did soil, fertilize and mulch around the big tree out front, and make headway on creating a bed around the "mushroom holly" in the rear. I'm looking forward to finishing that tomorrow; I concocted a ground cover game plan while at the nursery this afternoon that includes some creeping geraniums. I'm going to have to start keeping a detailed garden diary pretty soon.

I ended my day by finally watching "The Constant Gardener"; I've had it so long that my next NetFlix arrival will be a complete mystery (though possibly something off of my John Cusack list). This movie (based on a John Le Carre novel, I noted in the credits) employed some visually interesting storytelling techniques as far as photography and sequence went... I just wish the camera could have spent more time poking and prodding the idiosyncracies of the characters' lives and routines. I find that's the way I watch movies now: the story is in the background keeping me entertained, but what keeps me engaged is not the script--it's the wordless unfurling of people and places through the lens. This movie intensified my desire to visit Africa. I was left with the impression that the book might be better, so I may add that to my reading queue.

Maintenant, chocolat chaud and bed.


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