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Garden Party

Landfill: check.

Metric buttload of topsoil, mulch and pinestraw: check. I couldn't believe the truck was actually driveable with that much stuff in it. Go truck!

I raked/scraped the leaves, sticks and general crap out my brick planter/bed in the backyard, weeded and fertilized it, and put down 360 lbs. of new topsoil (1/3 of the topsoil I bought). Tomorrow I will plant some flowers and mulch that sucker. The little cast iron edgers I got to put around the bed are cool. They have a kind of Charlestonian shell design to them. Now that I've decided on the configuration I like, I need to see if I can find two more.

I also pruned the camellia and fig tree. Looks good.
Tags: garden, house, yard
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