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Progress Report

I have conquered the brush pile. The cute, little elderly black man that delivers Meals-On-Wheels to my neighbor across the street told me so when he pulled up and I was hopping up and down in the bed of the truck, smashing holly limbs into submission. I felt like Rocky. I think it was the first time his wife has ever spoken to me. She said, "You're working hard."

They are so funny; he has a fine collection of tam-style golf caps and she always wears her hair carefully curled and protected by one of those clear plastic, tie-under-the-chin rain bonnets. They have such friendly faces. I often wonder about the other folks they encounter on their route; I know my neighbor's story, but he is one of many who are lonely, sick, or suffering in some way. Perhaps eventually I will have time to participate in that ministry, or a similar one, such as providing cancer patients transportation to and from medical appointments. I enjoy hearing people's stories.

Now that I've swept fifty pounds of debris off the roof of my garden shed, I think I'm ready to hit the landfill. I need to pick up some more lawn & leaf bags while I'm out and then I can go get my mulch and pinestraw. I think the yard will look much-improved by the end of the day!
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