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In The Garden, Part II

I love the smell of freshly cut grass. It's the heady, earthy scent of spring.

I got a heckuva lot of yardwork done today. I gathered up most of the debris blown down by last week's high winds and dragged it to the street. (Yes, the pile really is as big as the car.) I raked sticks and leaves and cleared off half of the driveway. I mowed the lawn and would have edged it, too, but I couldn't get the trimmer started. I did manage to replace the blades. I began pruning the Hedge From Hell™, still fueled by my success yesterday at turning our 10-foot tall, out-of-control holly into a cute, 6-foot mushroom. I've still got a ways to go on that hedge.

I simply love working outdoors. Yes, it's often hot, muggy and buggy (and certainly dirty), but I seem to have inherited my grandmother's green thumb. It makes me happy to know I enjoy doing something that she spent so many happy hours doing herself. Last summer, I planted a shoot that my Mom brought me from one of my grandmother's hydrangeas; we rescued several things from her garden after my grandad died in 1998. I worried about that plant all fall; I put it in the ground kind of late, and the earth was already hard and dry from the summer sun. I was vigilant about watering it though, and fortunately we had a mild winter. I checked on it today and it has doubled in size; my brown little wintered stalk is bright and leafy green.

I also discovered that my irises are in bloom. After we bought the house two summers ago, some time poking around the neglected garden revealed that I might have some gems buried somewhere beneath all the ivy. Although it was tempting just to spray everything and start fresh, I was careful in my weeding to leave anything that looked promising, as I wanted to observe the yard for a full year before tearing anything out. The patch of iris-like leaves didn't bloom last summer, but I decided to give them another chance and a little bit of fertilizer. And patience paid off: they have lovely lavender heads. I should have guessed--just about every other plant in the garden blooms purple!

While I was poking around near the irises, I discovered these little guys. They had been pushed from the nest and were wallowing about in the tall grass, tipping over as they tried to make their way to solid ground. I got them situated in an Oregon grape mahonia (I was getting ready to mow), where their pitiful baby bird calls soon attracted Mama and she brought them food. All while one of my pet chipmunks watched from his hole in the wall. So cute.


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May. 4th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
so adorable~
May. 4th, 2007 11:18 am (UTC)
Your pictures are gorgeous! The ones of the yellow rose are striking, and I like the starkness of the fence picket.

I hope that the baby birds make it. Sounds like they may, since Mom found them.

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