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Daughtry In Downtown GSO

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Last night, drmellow and I decided to head downtown to see Chris Daughtry's band for free in concert. Just a few people decided to show up... 25,000 to be exact. Hey, hometown boy makes it big. What did you expect? :)

We were skeptical of the location that had been chosen for the concert--a small grassy patch across from Natty Greene's (a local brewery) adjacent to the train tracks, instead of the new block-sized Center City Park ampitheatre. But city police had blocked of all the streets and 107.5 KZL had erected a large stage, complete with speaker towers suspended from giant cranes and huge video screens at various locations. Pretty ingenious. There were also the requisite inflatable Budweiser cans and beer vendors indigenous to any street festival. About 4 different trains went through during the concert; everyone had fun waving at the conductor and people on board. I'm sure the passengers on the Amtrak were wondering what the heck was going on out there.

We scored a great parking spot even though we waited until 8:30 (an hour before showtime) to head over and actually had a decent view of the stage. The opening band pretty much sucked (and lost points in my book for being vulgar, especially with so many kids in the audience), but I enjoyed Chris' set, even though I've only heard a couple of his songs since watching him last season on American Idol. As it turned out, they were filming the video for the one song I did know ("Home"--excuse the lame clip) last night, so watch for us on VH1. It was funny--after the encore, the band came back out and encouraged folks to hang around while they played "Home" a few more times to get enough crowd footage.

Fun times.


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