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The Joys Of Home Ownership

Yesterday was our long-awaited meeting with the foundation repair contractor that was recommended to me by a neighbor a few months ago. I've spent the greater part of the past year trying to find an appropriate contractor to address our leaky basement situation.

First, we took the landscaping approach: I got estimates on rebuilding our retaining wall to incorporate a drainage field behind it and redirect runoff. I considered installing a French drain along the side of the house. But it soon became obvious that our problems stemmed from a cause far greater than our crumbling wall and were going to cost far more to fix. I put up with a lot of flack from drmellow during that time for dragging my feet on the wall repair, but I'm glad I did. It just didn't make sense to spend $6000 repairing the wall when that would likely just be a band-aid on the situation, not to mention, a pricey new wall would certainly be compromised if large equipment had to be brought in to excavate the side of the house. I continued my research and talked to other contractors--even set up a few appointments--none of whom ever followed through.

After our meeting yesterday with Carrington, that $6000 seemed like a drop in the bucket compared to a pushing-$30,000 job that would require the excavation of two-sides of our house and the installation of a pumping station beneath our basement floor. Amazingly, the projected cost did not really phase me. Now, don't get me wrong--$30,000 is a lot of money, and I can think of countless things I would rather do with that amount than dig up our yard (if we even had that much lying around). But I was so thankful to have finally found a contractor who had a complete grasp of the situation, could evaluate the surrounding terrain and could propose a comprehensive solution to our particular problem. I know that through continued prayer over the situation, God had prepared me to be able to listen to what Rodney Carrington had to say--beyond just how much it would cost--and discern that his expertise was genuine, his solution was sound and his price would be fair. And to know that we would somehow come up with the money.

A few minutes ago, I received phone call from Rodney, who had some questions about how I wanted him to break up the tasks on the proposal. We had a good conversation for about half-an-hour, in which he answered all of the questions I came up with last night on my drive to Charlotte, and he had some good news, too: It looked like the estimate was going to come in at under $20,000 instead of pushing $30K. It might even be possible for us to redo our retaining wall and/or take out our old concrete driveway while the crew and equipment are already here. That would be a bonus beyond my wildest dreams.

So I'm anxiously awaiting the proposal which he'll be dropping off tomorrow afternoon. And in the meantime, I am rejoicing that no matter how small (or seemingly gigantic to us) our concerns may be, God's love is big enough to encompass and guide us through all of them, if we only ask for His direction.



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Mar. 15th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
Your last paragraph reminds me of the Veggie Tales song about "he's big, but God's bigger!" I don't actually know the song, but I am making it up in my head and it's cute. ;)

Glad to hear you might finally have a solution to the never-ending basement flooding!!
Mar. 15th, 2007 03:02 pm (UTC)
I love Veggie Tales. I just watched VT this past weekend. I hadn't watched saturday morning cartoons in FOREVER!
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