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Two Scary Things

A little while ago, I was watching TV with drmellow; he came home for lunch so we could catch up on the AI episodes we DVR'd earlier this week. We had moved on to other activities, but the TV was still on... next thing I know, they were playing a commercial for The Golden Girls: The Complete Seventh And Final Season, now available on DVD. Whoa. I totally missed Seasons 1-6. I didn't realize there was such a demand for The Golden Girls on DVD. Here I was waiting for the next Simpsons to come out.


Wednesday afternoon, as I was stepping into the shower, I heard this great commotion in the keeping room, where Bird lives. There was a big thump and a crash, followed by a lot of cackling, wing-flapping and bell-jingling; I figured Bird had knocked off one of his perches and had a close encounter with a few of his toys on his way down. I made a mental note to check on him and set his perch back up before I left for church.

I took my shower, got dressed, put my make-up on, unpacked a suitcase and gathered up a load of laundry (in other words, took my time) before finally heading back downstairs to see what the racket had been about. Bird was being very noisy the whole time, so I knew he was OK. I stopped in the kitchen on the way to fill a glass of water. I heard another couple of loud thumps followed by the very agitated wing-flapping and cackling that indicates Bird is freaking out and climbing the walls of his cage.

I walked around the corner to calm him down, since climbing the walls messes up his wing feathers, and whack! A huge dark shape barrelled into the window behind the cage. It was a falcon--talons outstretched--swooping down to attack Mr. Laughypants! My poor bird! He'd been being terrorized by this gigantic feathered predator for the past hour and I had no idea. I shooed it away up into a tree and closed the blinds. That was when I realized the first big crash had resulted from the falcon smacking into the window so hard that the wooden header piece had come unattached from the blinds, fallen off the window, hit the cage and landed on the floor.

So I've had the blinds closed for two days now, in hopes that the evil predator (cool as he was) has forgotten about "lunch" on the other side of the glass and is sticking to his tree. I opened them up again a little while ago to let some light in, so I'm listening out for tell-tale thumps.


Feb. 17th, 2007 07:23 pm (UTC)
Poor Baby.... the same thing happened to our kitty last week as he was taking his mornig snooze on the rug by the patio door . I was in the kitchen and this VERY BIG bird came swooping down under the patio cover and really hit the glass doors..Ossiecat jumped up , tail all big and ran to his "safe " spot. I saw the bird on the other side of the pool looking this way with a look on his faace " like what the H " I'm sure he thought it was all open and did not know there was glass there .... it too was a Falcon looking for his morning meal . C


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