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Lost And Found

I just found an earring that I've been missing for two months. I had almost written it off as a casualty of our Thanksgiving trip, since the last place I saw it was in our hotel room in Atlanta. Instead, I think I must have individually "discovered" each of the singletons and put them in a safe place--one in my jewelry box and one in a dish on the dresser. I finally put the pieces together and realized I had both of them, just not in the same place.

That was a relief. Maybe even a good omen. Maybe I'll find something else I've lost. (Lord knows, I've lost plenty of other earrings.) It got me started thinking: I wonder how the things I've lost or misplaced in my life stack up to the things I've found. Who's winning at this point in time? Me, or the universe?

So, all you folks out there tonight in LJ-land... What have you lost? What have you found?
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