The Inimitable Miss M (yarbiedoll) wrote,
The Inimitable Miss M

New Year's Resolutions

It's getting on towards the end of January; I figure I'd better write some resolutions for the year while I still have time.

In 2007, I resolve to:

- Complete one creative project per month
- Write 2 songs (one "classical", one contemporary)
- Make window treatments for one room
- Paint 3 rooms
(There may wind up being some overlap between those first four)
- Read 12 books
- Lose 5 lbs/month for three months, or until I'm satisfied
- Read my camera manuals
- Take at least one class
- Identify a Confederate and Revolutionary War ancestor
- Use up my swim card at the local pool
- Address the leaking basement/retaining wall problem
- Deplete the pantry supply to where it will fit on the pantry shelves or in the pantry closet
- Sort and donate old clothes to the Rescue Mission
Tags: resolutions
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