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Various & Sundry

Last night, drmellow and I watched Grosse Pointe Blank, after having bumped it up on my NetFlix queue. It was down toward the bottom of my list with the other Cusack movies I've seen; however, the Doctor ran across the tail end of it on TV sometime last week, prompting me to remember just how much I enjoyed seeing this one in the theatre. After a second viewing, I feel reasonably safe in asserting that this may be the best romantic comedy ever (though Secretary runs a close second in my little world).

Today I finally managed to use the gift certificate to Oakcrest Family Restaurant that I won on May 16 of last year. I won the gift certificate at the spring Volunteer Luncheon for being the youngest person to volunteer time in the church office--sad, both because at 31, I'm not exactly young, and also because I only volunteer one afternoon (3.5 hours) a month.

Anyway, Oakcrest--a friendly little diner--is not on our regular rotation of restaurants, so drmellow and I made a point to go have lunch there today (after hunting a nearby geocache). We had the Friday special: fish and chips. It was tilapia, and it was pretty good. While there, we picked up the Thursday edition of The Rhino Times (the local indie paper) to admire the full-page, color photo of Gen. Robert E. Lee placed by the SCV and UDC (as well as private donations, they were sure to point out) in honor of his 200th birthday today. While eating, we speculated on whether there would be any outcry in next week's edition, so we'll have to be sure to pick that one up, too.

After lunch, I walked next door to Fleet-Plummer, a sort of home furnishings/clothing/gardening/party/shoe store (I'm convinced they're not entirely sure what they want to be), but I had to leave fairly quickly because they were replacing the carpet and the odor was positively noxious.

I made one more secret, Valentine's-related stop on the way home and now I need to pack for our overnight trip to Raleigh. It will be good to catch up with my brother and parents, who will be in town this weekend, plus some old friends from college.


Jan. 20th, 2007 12:38 am (UTC)
I've eaten at Oakcrest, they run out of their daily specials pretty early.

While there I asked if it was normal to run out of the daily special by 5:30pm and the waitress said it usually happens that way.

Made me wonder why they don't make more. Maybe they want to only serve a small portion of people and not ever become a busy restaurant. Who knows.

Thanks for the info about the place next door to it, I've been wondering what it was.

Have the best


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