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Comfort Food

This weekend has been the quintessential fall weekend. It was sunny and 77 degrees on Friday; warm and bright yesterday; rainy, dark and leafy yesterday evening; and cool, light and windy this afternoon. Weather this grand made me want to cook stuff.

Friday evening, I baked some white cheddar macaroni and cheese in my new enameled, cast-iron pepper pot (pepper pot!) and fried some apples on the stove (my favorite accompaniment to homemade macaroni).

Saturday, feiheli and I met at Chelsee's (an indie coffee shop in downtown Winston-Salem) to work on our novels. 'Twas there that I discovered my newest frou-frou coffee passion: the Toasted Coconut Crunch Frozen Coffee Malt. Pure bliss. After three-and-a-half hours of hard work (and fiendish sudoku), we headed to Salem College (feiheli's alma mater) for the International Club's Annual Dinner, an elaborate event in which the international students commandeer the Refectory for the evening and prepare food from their native countries. The event turned out to be such a success this year that we almost didn't get to attend (tickets had sold out the day before), but some nice people behind us in line offered us their two extra tickets and didn't even let us pay for them.

We had a splendid time sampling dishes, desserts and drinks from over 30 countries, enjoying the native dance presentations (to the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd), ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the girls' gorgeous traditional outfits during the fashion show, and listening to the presentation on civil war in Nepal and the Nepalese orphanage designated to receive the profits from this year's dinner. Among my favorite foods of the evening were Awaze Tibs (a spicy meat dish from Ethipoia), Kontomire Froye in Twi (a popular Ghanaian dish combining smoked meat and fish with cooked kontomire (cocoyam leaves), agushi (ground, roasted pumpkin seeds), kpakpo shito (red pepper) and other vegetables, Musaka (a Bulgarian favorite of beef, pork, onions and potatoes cooked in a yogurt-paprika sauce), Momos (Nepalese meat dumplings), and a traditional Kenyan hot tea, rich and earthy, flavored with spices and cream.

This afternoon--catapulted into the holday spirit by the sudden cold snap--I felt like making candy, but for lack of a good, heavy copper pot, decided to roast some sugared pecans, instead. I found that the addition of some orange extract to my usual spice mixture made for some tongue-tantalizing treats, sure to be devoured before the holidays ever actually arrive.

Now that I've cleaned up the dishes, I'm heading to bed. I leave you with these pictures of my most recent culinary escapades.


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