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Shameless Promo: Burger Slayer of the Month

So the other day, while we're having lunch at Hardee's, I spot this promo flyer on a napkin-holder for a contest that they're sponsoring. Snap a picture of yourself devouring a ThickBurger™, let it be posted on the website, collect votes and be crowned Burger Slayer of the Month - winning free food in the process. Sounded simple enough. Sounded like something drmellow should do.

After reading him the contest rules, and very little persuasion (zero, actually), I snapped a particularly menacing photo of him on his Razr and we entered him in the contest. Then, a few minutes later, I was devasted as I read the fine print: the contest ended in August. But there was hope--the rules made a vague statement to the effect of "...or if the contest date is extended". Checking the website upon our return home, we discovered the contest is still on!

Long story short: Read about drmellow's quest to attain Burger Slayer infamy (and see the hilarious pic) in his own journal, and GO VOTE so we can get some free burgers! Vote every day (from all your computers!) from now through the end of October. The Doctor is currently in 3rd place and featured on the main contest page.

PS. Be sure to rock out to the Burger Slayer Theme Song (available for download) while you're there!
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