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I had a crazy morning in which I wound up getting invited over to a pharmaceutical rep's house for lunch next week to see his remodeled kitchen and which culminated in me sitting on a curb in the G'boro ghetto, waiting for a ride. A stolen vehicle (not mine) played a large part in all of this.

However, all was set right when drmellow took me by the Greensboro Historical Museum so I could see if they had a copy of Greensboro: An Architectural Record in the museum gift shop. I have been looking for this hardcover volume--out of print since 1996--ever since we moved last year, because our current house is featured in it. My online search had turned up a few used copies--for $125. Well, the museum shop had one shrink-wrapped copy left. For forty bucks. Score!

I'm really glad to finally have a copy of this book. It's a well-organized historical survey of the architecturally significant structures in town and I'm very much looking forward to reading it.



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Sep. 28th, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC)
You can't just tease us like that, we need the details!!!!
Sep. 28th, 2006 05:21 pm (UTC)
OK, maybe. If you're good. ;)
Sep. 30th, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC)
The rest of the story...
My friend with the catering business had his Grand Cherokee stolen on Monday from the Sam's parking lot, while he ran in to get a cake. On Wednesday, we had a cookout to do in Winston-Salem for lunch, so we rode together in his Saab--inconvenient for hauling lots of food, but the only other car he has. The catering shop is in a sketchy area--between dowtown and the Interstate and on the fringe of the projects-- so I had Greg drop me off there in the morning so I didn't have to leave my car parked there all day with no one around. The plan was for Ray to drop me off at home on his way to church (where he had to fix Wednesday night supper), once we got back to Greensboro.

We stopped by the shop on our way into town to drop off stuff from the cookout and pick up the stuff for church. We loaded it up. The Saab wouldn't start. We sent someone to AutoZone next door to get a battery and cables. It still wouldn't start. Ray called around to find a car to borrow. Someone else took him to get it, because I didn't have a car.

All of this was taking a really long time and Ray was already late for starting to prepare supper for church. So while I was hanging out at the shop--making sure nobody came along and stole a car full of food--I called Greg to come and get me to save Ray some time. Ray showed up 5 minutes later with a car, so we transferred the food, he locked up the shop, and left. That left me sitting on the curb for 20 minutes waiting for Greg to show up. I had fun sitting beside the car (mostly out of sight), watching the colorful pedestrain and bike traffic go by. I was really glad when Greg finally showed up, becasue I was getting pretty uncomfortable sitting there all by myself.

Oh, and the pharmaceutical rep was at the cookout. We wound up talking about high-end residential appliances and he invited me over for lunch to see his new range/hood and dishwasher. It was kind of weird.
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