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BSF: Week 2

Last week, I got a call the day before class informing me that I'd been placed in a small group. I thought that was great, since it meant I wouldn't have to miss any lectures or discussion sessions while I waited for a space to open up. feiheli also got placed in a group, though it took considerably more effort on her part to determine this. So we both went to class that Monday night.

Turns out, my group is comprised of all new folks. We have a temporary discussion leader (DL) while our permanent DL completes training. The benefit of being an all-new group was that we spent the session going over the "rules", since none of us had the Week 1 questions answered. However, we met in a chair closet! I'm not kidding. We were 15 people crammed into a tiny room off the Fellowship Hall, with floor-to-ceiling stacks of upholstered metal chairs three-deep on three sides of the room. The room was about the size of my foyer. We sat in a circle (on chairs we took down off the stacks), knees touching, and when the class administrator stopped by to collect our attendance sheet, she couldn't get the door open more than quarter of an inch to pass the sheet through! It was also hot and stuffy, due to the large number of people and non-existent number of air vents in the closet. The best part? At the end of class, our DL says, "Be sure to listen to the announcements next week to see where we'll be meeting. If we're lucky, this will become our permanent room!"

feiheli, on the other hand, was assigned to an existing group that had two available spots. Having gone over the rules the previous week, they (understandably) did not rehash them for the two new group members. She was pretty confused by the time we met back up in the sanctuary for lecture after small group, so we went out for coffee afterward so I could fill her in. She was having some general reservations about the whole process until I explained the rationale behind some of the rules, but there was one thing in particular that really seemed to be bothering her. After going over all the other stuff, she says to me, "... and you would not believe the room we met in! It was so freakin' cold! It was this huge room--the type that can be divided into four rooms with those sliding partitions--but it was all open and we were the only group in there! I don't understand why they couldn't close it off and make it a little more comfortable."


Of course.



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