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Group B Rules!

I have survived the second day of the MSF course. I actually rode a motorcycle today and killed neither myself nor anyone else. They tell me I can come back tomorrow. In fact, they told me I did extremely well.

Ah. Here's the rain. Finally. I guess I'm glad it didn't show up earlier, although that meant it was 90-something degrees today, instead of 82. Freakin' hot is what that translates to when you're clad in long everything to ride a bike. We did take a field trip to SRS Motor Sports during our lunch hour, so that was kind of cool. Literally. The air conditioning felt wonderful.

We're getting to use all new equipment for the course; my shiny, powder-blue metallic Suzuki GZ250 had about 15 miles on it when I cranked it up yesterday morning and 50 miles on it when I was done. There were also black Suzukis of the same model and black Kawasaki Eliminators, all 250cc class. We even got to unpack our helmets from their boxes and remove the tags.

Despite the 98% success rate that our instructors (one a Deputy Sheriff, the other a US Marshal) quoted us last night (one failure/drop-out per month), we lost two of our class members today--one before lunch and one after. That just leaves 7 of us. It's given the class a very Survivor-type feel. But Group B (me, beeler and BeckNut) has prevailed; we're the only group that hasn't lost anyone yet. Group B celebrated their awesomeness by hitting up a mexican restaurant in Reidsville on the way home and having a few pitchers of margaritas, so coupled with the exhaustion from being in the sun all day, I think a nap is in order before I read the MSF manual in prep for tomorrow's written exam.


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