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Meanderings Of The Mind

My little curtains are cute. The organdy's a bit brighter white than the trim, but the ivory was too yellow, so, oh well. I'm sure they'll fade in the sun.

After one minor success in the pantry, I decided to go for another and hang some things on the wall out there. Should have been easy, right? After all, it was no problem to mount 6 shelves to that wall the other weekend. I scrounged up some appropriate hangers, set up the drill, got me a stepladder... *grindgrindgrind* Ha! The wall to the left of the door is solid... something. Cement, maybe, with a plaster topcoat. Now I've got to go buy me some carbide drillbits. Eh, I need them to mount shelves in the closet out there, anyway. I love how some projects give you a great excuse to buy new tools.

It's a rainy day, so I think I'll head out and run some errands. I like being out and about in the rain. Guess I'll head toward Sears. If I hit OfficeMax, I can get more sheet protectors to finish compiling my sheet music notebook. At Lowe's, I can return the bath hardware that doesn't mount like I need it to, and pick up more felt pads for the furniture. And if I venture all the way down to Wal-Mart, I can get a larger exerball like I played with all weekend. Mine's a good size, but my brother's was big enough (65cm) that I could sit on it to watch TV or use the computer - good back, ab and leg exercise. I almost deflated it so I could steal it and bring it home with me.

Or maybe I should just take a nap...



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Jul. 6th, 2006 04:02 pm (UTC)
You make me sooo jealous to hear of all your house doings. I want a house!!!

Also, I want a exerball for my desk at work, but I don't know how that would go over with people....
Jul. 6th, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
Well, for all the easy projects, there seem to be equally as many un-fun, complicated or expensive ones to complement them. So it's not all fun and games. ;) However, it is nice to finally be in a space where we plan to stay for awhile, so that it it feels like it's worth investing the time to actually do things. There were a lot of projects I wanted to undertake when we owned the townhouse, but I didn't think it would be worth it for the amount of time we planned to be there.

And yeah, I can see your point. Right now, my medium-sized one fits in the coat closet. If I get a bigger one, it's not like I'm going to be deflating it to put it away. i guess it will just have to roll around the house.... :/
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