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July 4th Report

I'm home celebrating Independence Day in Raleigh with my family this weekend. Our "celebration" consisted of having red, white and blue dessert last night - angel food cake with fresh strawberries and homemade blueberry sauce. Aren't we patriotic. Then we made pistachio ice cream, 'cause we're nuts. We've been having fun in the process; this will forever go down in family history as the 4th that my brother rescued mayo packets from the garbage in order to furnish the hamburgers we grilled last night. I refuse to let him live that down. Good times.

I'm very proud of myself for completing my first set of window treatments for the new house (and, well, ever, for that matter). I took measurements and bought rods before leaving home, decided what I wanted to do, bought fabric once I got here, and made cute little organdy eyelet cafe curtains for the triple window in my pantry yesterday afternoon, since I had the work table at my disposal. I even went to the trouble to weave a cranberry-colored ribbon into the hem. I'm embracing the English kitchen theme for the time being. Can you tell?

Today, Dad and I did the American thing and made a trip to Home Depot so he could look for some o-rings and I could spend his gift certificate (thanks, Dad!) on a Mouse (the little Black & Decker sander/polisher) for myself. He bought one over the weekend to work on the front door threshold and I was envious. Now I can tackle some of the sanding projects on my list at home. I picked up some felt pads for the dining room furniture while I was there, too.

This afternoon, I'm planning to try and catch up with some friends from school while I'm in town (they're here from California) and I just heard a rumor that drmellow might be able to join us. I think I'll give him a call.



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