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Weekend Workday

Mom and Dad were in NC this weekend to check on the house in Raleigh, so they headed over to Greensboro Saturday--ostensibly so Dad and I could map out a plan for installing a ceiling fan/vent in the upstairs bath. Being Father's Day (and Mom's birthday), it was also going to be a chance to visit with my parents and introduce Dad to the wonders of Penn Station™.

We wound up not only mapping out the plan for the bath, but shopping for and buying the fan/light unit, some new bathroom fixtures and some drapery hardware. We also built and installed one set of custom shelves in (what is rapidly becoming) the butler's pantry and cutting the boards for the other set (this became a whole family project).

Mom and I also took down and altered some of the lace window curtains that we inherited with the house, so that I can use them as sheers under the panels and valances I plan to make in July. I already have a "reservation" for the work tables and machines in Raleigh, meaning my brother has two weeks to clean them off, if he's reading this. :P

Additionally, Mom and I procured the appropriate hardware to turn some window treatments we made for the other house into a treatment for the double window in the guestroom here. I took the existing treatments apart, reassembled them and propped them up on the old rods last night, and I think it's going to work just fine. I need to either locate the original brackets or buy some new ones, so I can mount the thing properly on the window. Then I can move on to fashioning a valance for the single window out of the extra dust ruffle I've got. That shouldn't be too difficult. I just might have to get creative with it.

Looking back, we got a lot done this weekend. It's amazing what we accomplished for Father's Day/Mom's Birthday. Mom and Dad should have holidays in their honor more often! ;)



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