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Having thwarted my plans to resume swimming several times over the past few months, the Swimming Pool Gods conspired against me to score yet another (temporary) victory last night.

I finally found myself free on a weeknight, between the hours of 7-9pm, so I stopped by the sponsoring high school to explore the campus and investigate pool procedure. The somewhat large campus was poorly marked and it took a bit of driving around to locate the athletic center, but I finally found a building labeled "Robert B. [Something] Gymnasium". I parked and approached the doors, which were locked tight. After peering through several windows, I surmised that the building housed--indeed--a gymnasium (probably the main basketball court), some locker rooms, and a wall of trophy cases. I follwed the sidewalk around behind the building to discover the ROTC Battalion headquarters and some large garage doors, presumably housing equipment.

Next, I crossed a walkway to a connecting building that appeared to house some classrooms and the auxiliary gymnasium. There were people inside (a group of kids perhaps signing up for summer sports camps), but again, the doors were locked. I perambulated the perimeter of the structure to discover a third building on a hill, connected by a colonnade to the first. The builiding was tall and brick, with few windows and even fewer doors. It looked suspiciously like a natatorium.

I climbed up the hill and started around one side, looking for the entrance. Once I rounded the corner, my nostrils were greeted with the familiar scent of chlorine, wafting down from the vents high above. Around back, I came across a fenced-in concrete deck on which several starting blocks, a diving board and pool equiment were laid out to dry. Score. Midway along the back wall, I reached some windows behind the fence. Hunh. That's funny. The inside was strangely dark. I looked hard at the black glass for several minutes. I finally detected a glint of light on the water's surface. It was the pool alright. It was completely still.

Around the next corner, I discovered the door. Locked. But plastered with signs bearing the pool hours: Monday - Saurday, 1-5 & 7-9. A single sheet of paper taped to the side read: Lap Swimming (3 lanes), M-W-F, 7-9pm.

Arrrgh!! This is not at all what the Parks & Rec Department website advertises. I can't go back this evening; we've got dinner plans. Monday, I have to take my aunt for an MRA.

Why don't they offer lap swimming in the morning? That's when I'd rather do it. They should open the pool to adults from 6-10am every morning so I can go swim for 2 hours, and be done with it. What's with the 3-day-a-week thing, anyway? Phbbt.


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