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Tree Update: Lunch Break

The crew has just left for lunch (Taco Bell, last I heard). They're a bunch of really nice guys and I've had fun watching and talking to them this morning. They're also doing an awesome job of trimming dead limbs and waterlings out of our tree with much care and attention to aesthetic detail. My biggest fear was that they were going to get chainsaw-happy and cut out too much, but they're doing it just right.

As of now, they've taken out our neighbor's magnolia and pine, and a few guys are working on those stumps while two of the climbers take out a few mid-size trees in the backyard. (Are these new people anti-tree? I'm beginning to wonder.) They spent about an hour-and-a-half up in the front side of Percy with the lift truck, trimming branches with the chainsaw and pole-trimmer. Before they stopped for lunch, they strung Manuel's climbing ropes through the top, so he could get started on the backside when they return.

This really is fascinating to watch. It makes me want to go climb trees.
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